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mystiqueh: Heey im reading destroy me and can i ask you a question?? I shipp adam/ julliet soo fucking hard, did u think that julliet will end with him or whit warner??? Im panic

Of course, I don’t know, but I really hope Juliet and Adam end up together!

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What Unravel Me has taught me.

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Shatter me, Destroy me, Unravel me and Ignite me

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This blonde boy has my  s e c r e t s  in his mouth

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1. introduced species 2. talking to the moon 3. wonder 4. look after you 5. home 6. use somebody 7. run 8. dear father 9. i’m not your hero 10. the pieces don’t fit anymore 11. lonely day 12. dream brother 13. heavily broken 14. all these things that i’ve done 15. start again 16. nobody’s crying ;

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 Juliette, Adam and Warner

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Is it even possible, that you can’t feel this fire between us?

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